Anmeldung zum Kurs B2 – C1 Cambridge Exam Intensive Preparation: First or Advanced

B2 – C1
Cambridge Exam Intensive Preparation: First or Advanced

S 22357a

Objectives By the end of the course, you should be able to sit the exam with confidence. The class meets weekly to revise and extend grammar, increase your active and passive vocabulary and to practice techniques and time management strategies for every part of the exam. We will review each task on each of the four exam papers at least once and practice tests will be given as homework. Each exam paper, including the speaking test, will be done under exam conditions during class. Results of all practice exams will be monitored by the trainer to identify areas for additional practice and personalized help. In addition to exam strategies, writing is also a strong focus of this course. Each of the writing tasks will be studied and practiced at least once to ensure you are comfortable with the style and content required for each type of writing that may be tested. Speaking is integrated into all aspects of classwork and discussion is encouraged. The lessons are planned to make an enjoyable and communicative class, helping to take some of the pressure out of a serious subject. Coursebook and online materials: approx. CHF 65.00 Exam booking and charges to be paid directly to Cambridge Exams testing centre For more information on the exam and local testing dates: