Anmeldung zum Kurs B2 – C1 Conversation Course

B2 – C1
Conversation Course

S 22355a

The course content is flexible and will be adapted based on the individual needs and interests of the participants, but in general it will include: • Discussions on a wide range of topics, in pairs and small groups • Expansion of vocabulary - both range and accuracy • Improvement of pronunciation • Improved accuracy of grammar We will study short texts, film clips and audio extracts to generate discussions and to introduce key vocabulary and grammar points. There is also the option to either read a novel together or watch a film, depending on the group’s interests. Occasionally homework will be set (15-20 minutes) in order to prepare for the next conversation class. The course runs for 6 evenings and participants can join a single series of 6 classes or both the autumn and spring courses, as the material will not be repeated.